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Z, Robot Trashing with Strategy (RTS)

Z, the game that seemingly stopped trying with to come up with a name after the first letter. What’s not to love when you make robots into every war movie stereotype of soldiers? I’d be lying if when this game first booted up I was not a little bit unsure about how it was going to hold up. Z is an old school RTS game with a little bit of a twist, you don’t worry about resources. Instead you capture factories that produce your robots and vehicles to help you give that dirty blue team what for. After each mission there is a little cut screen with explosions, robot soldiers doing robot soldier things, and a little bit of exposition.

The graphics in the game definitely do not hold up well with modern standards. There also isn’t as much fine control you would get with a modern RTS game. Without the ability to micro/macro manage your troops, the strategy part falls short. It feels more like an amped up tower defense game. Having the ability to see the entire enemy team, as well as the relatively small maps makes every level pretty short and not as exciting as it could be. For it’s age this game is still enjoyable, and was released on iOS if you happen to have some time, and robots, to kill.

TL;DR Overall great strategy game, but if you are one that cares a lot about graphics, i would not pick it up.

It always feels good to show those Blues who's boss.

It always feels good to show those Blues who’s boss.

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