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Through one media or another, we have all heard the buzz and hype surrounding Bungie’s take on the MMORPG  genre, Destiny. Teamwork is essential for success, as it is in any of these types of games. With loot drops and countless enemies to fight, Destiny has consumed the free time of many a gamer. As with any game there are critics, and most of which do have some solid arguments for the game.

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Each of the three available classes in Destiny, the mighty Warlock, the agile and deadly Hunter, and the unstoppable Titan!

Now I’m not going to sit here and bash every little detail about Destiny; in fact, I love the game. The thought of being involved in a work-in-progress for an undetermined amount of time is very interesting and something I haven’t seen in a gaming experience. Bungie is actively listening and correcting issues with the game that the community speaks out against. However, you can’t please everybody and I believe Bungie is well aware. To those that complain about drop rates of certain items: welcome to the realm of RNG (Random Number Generation). Drop rates work off certain numbers rolling a certain way at a certain time. If your number comes up then congrats! You’ve just got that exotic helmet or assault rifle you’ve been grinding so hard to earn! If it doesn’t come up? Tough luck, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles when RNGesus is let into your life. Gotta pray just a little bit harder!

Today I’d like to bring to your attention (to those of you that have played and are familiar with the game) the difference between the two raids currently active in Destiny. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to delve into the game, raids focus on team work to accomplish objectives otherwise too difficult for the 3 man traditional fire teams (although there are videos of groups of 3 doing just fine) and strive to meet a common objective for victory. Vault of Glass was our first exposure to this mechanic in the world of Destiny, and I have to say on a personal note, the vault made a hell of a first impression. Holding objectives, killing certain enemies in a timely manner while every enemy within creation is trying to mow you down, stealth portions, and a very different final boss mechanic made me fall in love with the struggle instantly. Awesome loot even made the struggle more successful, my first time through I picked up a visions of confluence (scout rifle) and most of the raid gear. I couldn’t wait for hard mode and boy, was that stupid.

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Yours truly (TheGreatPoposci, back row, second from the right) and his first team ever conquering the vault of glass on hard mode! 

Vault of glass had just the right amount of tweaks in the hard mode game play to bring about a challenging but satisfying experience. Oracles take more hits till death? Well that’s to be expected. A few more gorgons in strategic points in the labyrinth? Bring it on. Permanent death until the next checkpoint? Well, why not? These changes brought about a nice twist to the hard mode experience without making it more difficult for the sake of difficulty. Crota’s end, the other raid from Destiny fell short of leaving as much of an impact as the Vault of glass upon my first trek through to slay Crota. Upon reaching the end boss (through every method of cheese available, mind you) in a brisk 30 minutes, there I learned of the most insane glitch I had seen in the game to date: unplugging your Ethernet cord while Crota was kneeling froze him in that same spot. Mind you, that has been fixed with recent patching, but watching that happen turned a fearsome final boss into something simply laughable. He had given up to the guardians and accepted his fate. I haven’t had the chance to try hard mode on Crota yet as I am not level 32,  but I can’t feel as if I’m in any hurry. The DLC raid missed the mark in terms of reward versus total struggle.

ragtag destiny3

The ever impressive entrance to the vault of glass located on Venus

Crota’s End felt like a flop. The raid aspect of the game was turned completely upside down once players learned it could be conquered solo. Where did the team work go? In Vault of glass, coordination was required by relic carriers, defenders, home teams, and away teams in order to complete the raid without too much struggle. Those players that excelled in either category complimented one another and made for a much more satisfying kill on Atheon, coming together under protection of the relic to annihilate the flamboyant Megatron reject. Crota could be exploited and shortened to under an hour. Even with the addition of hard mode rewards I still feel no drive to even attempt hard mode. The best weapon to come out of the new raid, in my opinion, is the Black Hammer for PvE with the “White Nail” perk which refills your magazine after landing 3 consecutive critical hits on any target, making large boss characters extremely simple. The sad thing about the Hammer is that it can’t even be used on the raid boss! At least with Atheon, most of the weapons (primary, at least) could be earned then used in the hard mode to bring about rocket launchers, fusion rifles (rarest gun in the game by the way!), and the coveted Vex Mythoclast.

All in all, take into consideration this is an opinion. Destiny is a fun game and the development teams are listening and learning on what makes or breaks the game. I would love to see some comments from our viewers! Which raid is your favorite and why? Craziest moment in either raid? Your favorite payoff? Don’t hesitate to start a conversation!

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