Vanguard Bounties in Destiny Made Easy!


Hello Guardians! Not going to lie to all of you, this one took a lot out of me! Hands on research is a pain in the ass! But my duties as a content editor are held to such high standards I couldn’t let my readers down! This week I’ve tackled the Vanguard bounties with gusto! Take some of these tips to heart and by all means find ways to improve. I know I’m not the best guardian out there so by all means, we appreciate feedback! I’ve listed all vanguard bounties in alphabetical order for sake of finding them.

Body Dropper (kill 100 enemies without dying) Body Dropper was the most simple task to complete. Mostly I would do these in conjunction with patrol missions or relic harvests. Simply kill as you see fit and the bounty will quickly fall into place. Missions that yield a high amount of low level enemies, such as the The Wakening mission on the moon from the DLC, gives multiple packs of cursed thrall that explode on death.

Cabal Command (kill 10 Cabal Majors or Ultras) Choose the mission “Exclusion Zone” on Mars, slap a heroic modifier on that bad boy, and earn those 10 kills ASAP.

Cleansing Light (Kill 3 or more enemies with a super use, 20 times) This one was a bit tricky, but I had no “super quick solution” to this little baby. Warlocks and Titans have the easiest time with this mission for sure. I did the mission “Fist of Crota” and replayed the beginning over and over since Omnigul summons multiple packs of thrall.

Exalted Hive (kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras) Choose Patrol the Cosmodrome. At spawn, run to your left and enter the subway system. There are 3 Hive majors that will repeatedly spawn. Simply move out of radar range and they will return.

Fallen Leaders (kill 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras) Choose Patrol Venus and head to your right. Pass through the city and head for the coast. There is a Fallen skiff that will drop multiple Fallen Majors. Wash, rinse, repeat!

It’s All in the Head (kill 100 enemies with precision damage) Grab a scout rifle or sniper and simply go hunting. A steady hand reaps a quick reward!

Knuckleduster (melee kill 30 enemies without dying) Titans rejoice, find groups of Thrall (Hello mission “The Dark Beyond”) and wail on those minions of darkness until your heart is content.

One for All (achieve gold rating in 3 public bounties) Grab yourself a Destiny even tracker and aim for the events regarding target elimination or defending the WARSAT.

Overcharge (kill 2 or more enemies with a single shot from a fusion rifle 20 times): Use “The Dark Beyond” mission at “We’ve awoken the hive!” checkpoint and spray down thrall. Takes all of five minutes of your time.

Patrol xxx (Complete 6 patrol missions) Grab 2 members for your fire team and go to work! Spread out over 3 different areas. Try to grab kill missions, scouting missions, and scan missions. These can be completed the quickest if spread out effectively.

Relic Harvest-Cosmodrome (Collect 200 sensor mites) Use the same tactic as killing Hive majors, each major produces 20 sensor mites and if done correctly, will finish at the same time as the Hive major bounty.

Relic Harvest-Moon (Collect 200 impact shards) Certain missions on the moon with the heroic modifier will provide multiple hive majors. Pick whichever is your preferred method and go to town!

Relic Harvest-Mars (Collect 200 Olympus Tears) Use the same tactic for killing Cabal Majors.

Relic Harvest-Venus (Collect 200 Pumice Threads) Use the same tactic for killing Vex Majors [ See Below ]

Target: Aksor, Archon Priest (Winter’s run strike on Venus) Slay this beast with high impact weapons! Stumble him into oblivion.

Target: Banuk, Ur Prince (Sword of Crota on heroic) He’s the first knight you find outside of the Hive fortress. Simply kill him and return to orbit!

Target: Bracus Tha’aurn (The Buried City on heroic) This guy was always a bit of a grind. If you kill him before all the other enemies, return to orbit. I had issues saving the checkpoint but had a few successful moments. Simply return to the same heroic modifier and mission if the bounty returns later in the week.

Target: Divisive Mind (The Black Garden on heroic) About halfway through the mission you’ll be able to kill this Hydra. Slay him and return to orbit, Ice Breaker works wonders.

Target: Frigoris, Exiled Baron (Shrine of Oryx on heroic) As with the others, slay it and return to orbit. Saving the checkpoints are crucial to saving time.

Target: Grayliks, Winter Baron (The Archive on heroic) You’ll have to nearly complete the mission to draw him out. Bring some arc damage to grind him into the ground quickly.

Target: Merok, Eir Prince (Sword of Crota on heroic) He’s the end Knight of the misson. Kill him and finish the mission.

Target: Phogoth (The Summoning Pits strike) Aim for that weak spot right under his massive dome and bring him down with your strike team.

Target: Primus Sha’aull (The Garden’s Spire on heroic) After you lure him out lay into him as quickly as possible with heavy ammo. Killing him ends the fight quickly. Getting to him may be a hassle, I attempted to make a checkpoint by blowing him away and going to orbit immediately.

Target: Prohibitive Mind (A Rising Tide on heroic) Kill this Minotaur as soon as you spot him near the end of the mission then head to orbit. You’ll be just outside of where he spawns.

Target: Sardok, Eye of Oryx (Shrine of Oryx on heroic) Killing this end-of-mission boss dosen’t end the misson. Take advantage of this and simply load the checkpoint every time you need to kill him. Sadly Frigoris will be missed using this method.

Target: Sekrion (Nexus strike on Venus) Take aim at the Hydra and blow him away, hide behind walls or get above his field of view and take him down.

Target: Sepiks Prime (The Devils Lair strike in the Cosmodrome) Shoot the giant F****** eye, I really shouldn’t have to go into too much detail for this one. If he gives you trouble, hide in the the room to the left of the entrance of his area.

Target: Simiks-3 (The Archive on heroic) Blow away this Servitor and return to orbit. He spawns relatively early in the mission so he isn’t much of a hassle.

Target: Telthor, Unborn (Chamber of Night on heroic) Kill the “Ultra” grade ogre and return to orbit. Killing him won’t end the mission so simply grab his checkpoint with a nice return to orbit.

Target: Valus Ta’aurc (Cerberus Vae III strike on Mars) He soaks a ton of damage and his mini-gun is no joke. There are crates near the back-left corner of the room you and your squad can hide behind if he proves troublesome.

Target: Zydron, Gate Lord (Eye of a Gatelord on Heroic) This minotaur is all the way at the end of the mission so that’s a bit of a bummer. On the upside he actually HAS a weak spot! Solid trade off, blow him away and return to orbit.

The Bigger They Are (complete a weekly heroic strike or nightfall) This bounty was not always simple, but make sure you check for it before taking the challenge of a weekly heroic or nightfall strike!

Unstoppable (earn 9000 exp without dying) Complete Daily missions on the highest difficulty. These will reward 7500 exp, and even more with the nightfall buff. It should be noted that bounty rewards will not feed into the Unstoppable bounty.

Vex Minds (kill 10 Vex Majors or Ultras) Go to the Citadel while on patrol for Venus. Multiple vex Majors spawn. Do about 3-4 loops of the area and you should be set!

Walking Tall (complete any strike without dying) Simply do a strike with matchmaking. I recommend the Nexus as it is the shortest.


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