Twin Stick Hell Thoth

‘Ello Nation. I’ve got a spiritual blast(ish) from the past(ish) to fill you all in on, and it’s called Thoth.

Now there is not a story  developed for this since it’s a twin stick shooter. Let’s fix this. Robert the circle hates squares, and he wants to punish them. Now that you have a backstory let’s de-pixelate this.


This just LOOKS easy, I found out it wasn’t….

Thoth has a really clean, simple design and straightforward goal; shoot things and don’t get touched. There is no tutorial, there are no options, and the soundtrack will mostly add to feeling in the shoulders from being so tense. You immediately get thrown into the mix with nothing, just a circle and some squares. It took me a little while to get oriented and find out that you move faster while not firing. Spray-and-pray does not seem to be an option on this one. The levels are all hard and get even more difficult as you progress through them. Every four levels will give you a new jumping off point, so all your hard work will not be in vain. While the levels are incredibly difficult, and slightly rage inducing, (I only rage quit 3 times while reviewing this, go me!) you get an amazing feeling of satisfaction once you complete a series and advance to the next one.


Beating this evil square of doom was glorious

While Thoth is really solid, minimalistic twin-stick shooter, the soundtrack and background music I’ve come to associate these games was lacking, also no visual/audio options are slightly irritating. This doesn’t take away from the game, but it is something I enjoy seeing in games that I play. However, victory shall be mine, and those dirty, dirty squares shall pay for whatever they did to me/my family/those other guys.

Messy’s Grade: C+


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