Trolls Rejoice for Choice Chamber

Choice Chamber

A game where a troll feeds itself.


Choices Would Matter…If You Made Them

Hello Nation, Messy coming at you. The chances of you hearing about the game Choice Chamber, are surprisingly small.  It is a game that at any given time there are around 30-100 viewers watching various streamers are playing at any given time. If you don’t frequent Twitch patron, the chances of you never hearing about this game is not terribly surprising. Choice Chamber does not bring anything crazy new on the surface, it boils down to “Get weapon, git gud, kill everything.” That being said the game switches up the normal 2D action monotony by letting the twitch chat help, or hinder, the player.


Choice Chamber

You can vote on quite a bit to make the streamer happy, or salty.


Let’s get into the bulk of the game. Let’s put some background into this brightly colored acid trip of a video game called Choice Chamber. Door opens, a pink hero wearing yellow shorts and what can only be described as a necklace made of ferns. And now you are completely up to speed. The right way to talk about this is two part, offline mode, and online mode.

Offline Mode (Play With Yourself)

For this portion, we will disregard the left part of the screen that makes Choice Chamber not just Chamber (by in large) because it’s mostly for the viewers to vote on various aspects of the game. You have a weapon, three lives (Contra status, one hit, one death) and you are filled with “moxie.” You can have the option for a sword, bow, or hammer as a starting weapon. We could go into detail about what the weapons are like, but I’m going to just say they act just like they should. Swords slash, bows fire, and the hammer smashes. The damages and speed all start in a standard ratio that would not leave anyone thinking differently.

After you get your weapon, next up is the jump. Our pink hero has the chance of getting high, double, pogo. The high and double jump are pretty much exactly what you would think, but the pogo jump, on the other hand, is the most will be the bane of your existence if you get this jump. Pogo jump, in essence, turns you into a pogo stick unless you hold down the jump button.

The first room will give you a big blue ball to play with while you sit around waiting for the “vote” to take place for your weapon. Since there is not a chat (you lone wolf you) all of the things being voted on will be randomly selected for you. My recommendation is to turn the voting down to the minimum amount of time needed so you don’t have to wait for five rooms before you get a shiny new upgrade.

Every room gets progressively harder as you progress, clearly. The first room starts with two blobs with sharp teeth trying to murder you with death from above. Following the last satisfying kill, the door opens, and onto the next room of murder and fun. Rooms can change in many different ways. It can be hilly, pitted, fiery, icy, spiky, and it goes on from there. At this point, all the rooms are randomly generated and can change from a fiery mountainous pit filled room, to a smooth ice covered one with spikes. Enemies are not safe against the changes, however. Cute little stumps with teeth can hit puberty in an instant emerging into an inhumanly “husky” (not fat, they have feelings too) blobs still hellbent on your annihilation. To not ruin the fun I’ll say that there are bosses, they appear at regular intervals, and they are creatively thought out.


Choice Chamber Pogo Jump

You will hate seeing this, promise.


Online Mode (Play while people watch you)

Now that we have the basics out of the way let’s get into the nitty gritty details of what you can expect to change now that you have a chat voting on various aspects of the game, the entire reason this game is called Choice Chamber. Before we mentioned that the rooms, enemies, and weapons can change. The first two votes are by in large the most important, weapon and jump. This is where you will really find out who the trolls in the chat are. Weapon choice doesn’t make much difference, they can be worked with and all of them have benefits. Jumping is a different story, remember all the people in chat that vote for pogo jump. They will make you rue the day you decided to play Choice Chamber. There are other “upgrades” that will end up being much more irritating, but those will be a surprise for you to find out.

As well as the chat voting you will be not entirely alone. One lucky person will become room captain for a period of time, and they can help you out when you really need it. Every room the captain will be able to gift our special hero hearts, a bomb, enemies, money, or a random one of the options. As much as general populous of the chat can end up being a troll, your captain can literally set you up for failure, and kill you with bombs or enemies.

Last Messy Bite

That being said at the end of the day Choice Chamber is one of the few games that honestly let the chat interact with the game a streamer is playing in a big way. It really is a great thing to see a chat come together over a common goal to help, or murder, the streamer. As an offline game, Choice Chamber is not really a special game, it is very slow paced 2D action game with some platforming. Online mode is an entirely different animal, the slower pacing of each of the rooms gives the chat a chance to actual make the choices and chatters can actually make the game as short or long as the chat wants.

TL;DR Choice Chamber is honestly only a game to pick up, or play, if you have intentions of playing it on Twitch with your viewers.

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