Train Valley


Lets take a train ride through different locations and times from all over the world. From the 1830’s through the 2020’s including the Gold Rush of 1849 to the dawning of the space age. You’re in charge of  building and managing the  railways and making sure that the tracks are clean and clear of all accidents. This is Train Valley.

Train Valley begins with the opening of your travel stamp book. Your stamp book will show your progression throughout the game and where you left off. You will start off with a minor tutorial to get you up and running. Train Valley is based on pages from your stamp book with several missions within each page. Your goal is to accomplish each mission to continue with the journey onto the next page. Once completing the missions it will then unlock free play for you. The game looks very familiar to the SimCity franchise and gameplay is for the most part, simplistic. But don’t let that fool you. Train Valley will keep your eyes moving from train station to train station, trying to keep track of where your trains are. But that’s not all you have to watch out for. Be careful to keep track of what path those trains are on so that you don’t have a collision with other trains. You will need to make sure that your switches are set properly by manually switching them on the track to assure your trains arrival at the proper stations. Also make sure you are watching out for those auto launching trains. You have the ability to stop and reverse trains as you see fit by simply clicking on the train and choosing what you want it to do. Remember to be careful, you may have other trains are still moving. You have complete control of your track placement as well as the merging of other tracks. You will start off with two to more stations, depending on the mission or chapter that you’re in. Some of the missions have special goals built into them such as not being allowed to crash, not letting different color trains into the wrong stations, and not deleting any track. As each mission goes on the trains will get longer and longer which makes it more difficult to plan the route of your trains to avoid collisions. If the trains are not launched manually they will auto-launch meaning that your tracks will quickly become congested if you’re not careful. You also have the option to speed up time, slow it down, and even pause the game in case you need time to figure things out.


Train Valley is a good family game. The tutorial could be a little more informative for the younger players. The game does have certain challenges which keeps it interesting. I did find the game to be quite addictive actually. I played the game for approximately seven hours throughout the day and didn’t even notice the time go by. To me that’s one of the signs of a good game. It has challenging aspects that kept my interest even though I failed some of the missions several times. It just made me want to go back and finish that mission even more. Train Station is a fun and enjoyable game for people of all ages. Chooooo Chooooo!!!

This is a good average game.I give this a C+ rating.


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