Is the Sun Rising for Grim Dawn?

Grim Dawn


What’s going on Nation? It’s time to get Messy all up in here. If you haven’t ever heard of the game Grim Dawn, I would not be terribly surprised. It was something that I had picked up a while ago during early access and never played. The game has the same feel as DII in the best way possible way and it even has a few tweaks that I never thought of. On the surface, the game is a clone of that all too familiar Diablo(I & II, we don’t need to talk about III). As you get farther into the game you realize that the first class is only the tip of the iceberg . Much like Diablo, you can play with other people in an online cooperative session.

*insert brain melting sound*

*insert brain melting sound*


When the game opens up, three people are discussing what to do with a possessed human. After a less than civil discussion, they decide to hang them up by their neck until they are dead. The evil presence threatens these three heroes, he pops smoke so he can go be an evil dick elsewhere. The game then opens up and you, the previously possessed individual, walk into the compound, Devil’s Crossing. You find out the world of humans, Carn, are at war with beings from another world and the humans are vessels  these beings are using to kill everything and take over Carn. Since you got the bad touch from the Aetherial being, you now have some abilities and you can use them to save the world and be a hero.


At the first level, you get the opportunity to choose a class and later you get to choose a second one. With this added mechanic, the game gives you a very good customization to let you play exactly the way you want. The customization is made more impressive with a devotion tree that is reminiscent of Path of Exile’s skill tree. The skill tree is not nearly as massive as Path of Exile’s and this makes it seem much less overwhelming.The game itself takes a lot of influence from the Diablo franchise and other games made recently that follows the same formula. Overall the best thing about the game is by far the use of skills/devotion and Grim Dawn keeps it at a more manageable level.

Yes I did die shortly after this .



The downsides of this game are very minimal. The graphics for the game don’t quite match up to some more modern games. This isn’t a total deal-breaker since the game is an independently produced game. With a game that has such an interesting background story and a potential for great visual backgrounds and characters. Grim Dawn is also heavy with the RNG in terms of how often your attack is blocked or dodged. I would have the game to go a little more into the apocalyptic universe since it strays from the standard fantasy.  At  the current price point (24.99 USD) seems steep considering the visuals, but I haven’t gotten to endgame yet to give a full idea of how much bang for your buck you get.

Never bring a gun to a magic murder fight.

Never bring a gun to a magic murder fight.

TL:DR Overall Grim Dawn gives a great feel for what can be done with an action hack and slash. I really appreciate the separation from the standard fantasy, but I would like to see it get a little farther away.

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