Slippery Slime Rancher Time

Hello to you Ragtag Nation. I just got back from the dentist because Slime Rancher is so sweet and adorable, I got a cavity.

Slime Rancher Snuggle Party


An adorable first-person exploration game, Slime Rancher places you on a distant planet at a ranch called Far, Far Range. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, a woman that shows up on the ranch with nothing but a vacpack and enough moxie to give Master Cheif a run for his money. That is where the plot of this story ends. Your journey begins!

Slime Rancher Cats

Before we go any further, yes, yes you can be a cat lady

At the beginning of the game, you start off with a single corral and a little bit of money. Each slime produces a different “plort” which is essentially just a little slime turd, just….more adorable. After collecting some slime poop, you can sell them to get more money and upgrade your vacpack or buy new things for your ranch. You will need gardens, chicken coops, and corrals to make sure that your slimes are well taken care of. They return the favor by letting you sell their excrement. I mean…there is the option to force feed the slimes some plort to make them a hybrid super plort, just don’t’ think about where it came from and it’s not that bad. Be careful, if you try to make a tri-slime you wind up with tarr, and it will eat your face off. It’s still cute, just deadly as well.

This game is still in early access so it’s not as fleshed out as it would be for a full release. That being said, I look forward to each update to see what has been added and updated, but there are frequent breaks between my gameplay. All in all, this is a really enjoyable, relaxing game that will instantly turn any sad day into a snuggle party with your slimes.

Messy’s Grade: B



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