Skullgirls Game Review



Mr. Prueitt here to review Skullgirls!

I have such a love-hate relationship with fighting games, but Skullgirls has stood out as something relatively different for the genre. The game revolves around a roster of characters, mostly female, fighting to find something called a skull gem that can grant any woman’s wish. Each character has a different fighting style so there is undoubtedly someone for every type of player. The game has a unique hand-drawn feel along with a noir-type soundtrack that is reminiscent of the 1930s gumshoe films. Controls are admittedly a bit strange at first, so pick up a fight pad or controller. Good luck trying to master it on keyboard.

Overall, I love something new in the fighting game universe. Pick up Skullgirls if you’re a hardcore fighting game enthusiast or are an animation junkie!



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