Runespell: Overture! Quick Fire!


Ragtag Nation,

Mr. Prueitt here to review Runespell: Overture!
Storyline? In a game? Oh, it must be from 5 years ago! Set in a fantasy style Medieval England, R:O is a poker style combat game (yes, you read that correctly) in which you control a changeling that can learn new magic and attacks through completing quests. Different winning hands (full house, flush) deal different levels of damage to your enemy. The player gets 3 moves a turn, allowing them to consolidate their own cards or stealing ones from their opponents.
The combat system seems rather boring at first, but after playing around for a few minutes I had a good amount of fun. Runespell seems like a nice on-break-at-work type of game, just lie and say you’re playing Solitare plus!



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