RTR Movie News – Gambit Troubles/Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Channing Tatum Gambit Troubles?

The past couple of days we have been receiving news that is a little worrisome to us super hero movie fans. There have been rumors and speculation that Tatum has left the Gambit project. Now after hearing Tatum’s people let slip that there is definitely something going on and they are still in negotiations with 20th Century Fox, we become a little more worried. This would come as a complete shock to most of us who are following this movie because Channing just got done promoting the movie at Comic Con (where he took a group photo with almost every other mutant from the X-Men universe) and has even been given a producer title for the movie. It is easy to accept these types of rumors because we rarely get the whole story but, there are several things that could be the reason for this extended contract negotiation… like the $150 Million budget that is just ridiculous for a stand-alone hero movie. I do believe that Mr. Tatum will be our Gambit but I also think that this movie’s budget is going to get a major hack job; which is causing headaches. So don’t worry Ma Cherie, order a po-boy and drink some chicory because the Gambit movie will be just fine.

All the Fox Panels Super Heros taking a group photo.

All the Fox Panels Super Heroes taking a group photo.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie?!?!

Little is known about the cast or even the tone of this movie but we do know that the Oscar Nominated Director Gil Kenan. Gil most recently did a remake of the new Poltergeist (which was not good, but he had some big shoes to fill) and also the well received horror/thriller Monster House. Now, I did say that the tone is ‘unknown’ despite all of the obvious horror references because, we are still holding out hope that the script will be both scary and thrilling while holding on to the tones of humor that we all have come to love while watching/playing this game. Don’t let us down Gil!

Does anyone else get a childhood flashback to Chuck-e-Cheese?

Does anyone else get a childhood flashback to Chuck-e-Cheese?

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