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I dare you to say this 3 times as fast as you can, don’t worry I’ll wait.

Quick Down and Robotic Dirty

Someone once asked me a series of questions. I was asked, in this order, if I liked these specific things. Robots,roller-derbies, disco, dodgeball. Clearly, the answer to most of those answers are yes (my disco phase had past at that point in the time). Robert Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is the game to finally put all of these things together. Once the game loads up you are in for a sensory overload. The lights in the arena all flash and pulsate to the beats of the previously loaded background music. Options are available to load up personal music choices, as well as online selections of user submitted music.

There is not really a story that goes with the game so I just made one up, so let’s start with that. You are a robot, presumably with a deep seeded love for roller derby and every Bee Gees album sitting on the shelf in his bedroom. One day your rival, Luigi, kidnaps your robo-baby and now you need to come up with the ransom money the only way you know how. Dodgeball, to the death. Floorboards are torn up as our hero grabs an item best left forgotten, his old dodgeball from the darker days of underground dodgeball matches from the 60’s.

Luigi will always be your enemy.

Luigi will always be your enemy.

Now let’s get into the basics of the game. There are 21 different game modes that are able to be played, as well as challenges to test your skills. The game modes range from a basic team deathmatch, all the way up to a mid-air dog fight. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball works exactly as the name would suggest and there not really any surprises on that front. Dodgeballs lay around the arena and you pick them up to throw at enemy robots to destroy them or at least hinder them in reaching their goals. Catching the balls still yield a destruction of the opposing robot and the game is overall very enjoyable to play and undoubtedly ends up with a fun game to keep everyone occupied. There are also power-ups that are laying around that will change various things about the game. Homing balls will seek out whatever they are locked onto, flaming balls cannot be caught. You can also get a jet pack that will let you fly around the map, or another one that lets you quickly charge the boost to make you move faster as well.

The different game modes really keep the game fresh and breathe some new life into an otherwise potentially stale game. The mechanics involved with the throwing of dodgeballs have realistic enough physics to make it all believable. Playing with, or against, people is just as fun as any other shooter game. There is always a friendly rivalry and no one of the power ups end up with any of them feeling overwhelmingly powerful and end with the match feeling one sided. Enough of the power-ups will end up playing to each individual play style to make each game end up feeling varied.

The right power up will always end well.

The right power up will always end well.


The Less Than Lubed Cogs

On to the inevitable down side of this game. While the online multiplayer is definitely fun while you are playing with/against your friends, it seems like it falls short and even the character customization doesn’t really seem to draw me back in. The game modes are varied enough to keep anyone entertained, but the servers are fairly empty which leaves most of the matches against bots. Also, the mechanics for catching the dodgeball seem a little strange and I couldn’t seem to get them right no matter how much I tried to learn.

The Last Byte

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is not a bad game for sure, however, it seems more like a game to play to kill a pretty small amount of time. The longer that I played it the more I felt like it was kinda drawn out and lost it’s appeal pretty quick. If you have friends that want to boot it up and just hurl robbery death at each other while you catch up, it’s perfect, but I don’t see it as something to keep coming back to. The price (7.99 USD right now) seems a little steep for the amount of playtime I can see people regularly playing it. My personal recommendation is to put it on your steam wishlist and wait for it to go on sale and pick it up.

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