RagTag’s Top 15 Badass Characters in Gaming! (15 Pics)


15 Bayonetta top 15

At number 15 on our list we decided to start off strong with Bayonetta, the badass hair controlling, high flying witch!


14 Vaas top 15

Do we need to tell you our definition of insanity? That would be Vaas straight out of Far Cry 3 holding down the number 14 slot with just the right amount of crazy badass-ery!


13 lara croft top 15

Coming a long way from her pixelated face (and boobs) days, we have Lara Croft holding down the number 13 spot as our favorite badass adventurer!


12 Link top 15

Hide your pots and put your fairies in a jar! Coming in strong at number 12 is our favorite hero of time, Link! (Please stop calling him Zelda)


11 dante top 15

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”… unless you’re a warrior during the crusade re-imagined from the divine comedy “Dante’s Inferno.” Coming in at a hot number 11 is the man who conquered the circles of hell, Dante!


10 Nariko top 15

Swinging her way into number 10 on our badass countdown is none other than Ms. Heavenly Sword herself, Nariko!


9 Samus Aran top 15

From the Varia suit down to the Morph Ball, Samus Aran takes our number 9 spot as our favorite intergalactic bounty hunter!


8 Akuma top 15

With a signature move called the “Raging Demon”, how could you not make this list? Holding down the number 8 badass spot is none other than Akuma from Street Fighter!


7 Shephard top 15

Do some calibrations and get ready to do the nasty with your entire crew if you so please, because Commander Shepard is coming in (hah) strong at number 7!


6 Megaman top 15

The blue bomber comes out of nowhere (Sorry Randy Orton) for the number 6 spot! Megaman was even the first to start the boss rush mechanic! Spanking the previous robot masters he had already destroyed before crushing Dr. Wily even made for a more satisfying victory!


5 Master Chief top 15

Iconic. Indestructible. Able to fall from space and live. Fending off multiple hostile alien races. No dispute, Spartan 117 Master Chief comes in at the number 5 spot of badassery!


4 Artorias badass

The man who faced the abyss and lived. A legend in his own time, the songs of the great knight Artorias were passed down through generations! Coming in at number 4 on our badass countdown is the left-handed master of the greatsword himself! Show some love Dark Souls fans!


3 Kratos top 15

Mix anger, hatred, betrayal, and a splash of having your dead wife and child’s ashes affixed to your skin by the god of war Ares and what do you get? Why the ever cheerful and god-killing machine Kratos of course! Hard to argue with that number 3 spot!


2 War top 15

Emotionless and determined, War from the Darksiders series comes in strong at the number 2 spot. Being a horseman of the apocalypse is hard enough, but being framed for causing the apocalypse and having to clear your name? Nothing short of a walk in the park for this unstoppable machine!


1 Kirby top 15

Does this look like the face of mercy? That’s right, the adorable pink puffball from Dreamland Kirby takes the number 1 badass spot! We know you may be confused, but consider his copy ability. Able to consume any enemy, cannibalize their power and use it against their own kind or other enemies, all in the sake of winning, sounds pretty badass right?



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