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Hello Guardians! Mr. Prueitt, at your service with some friendly tips this week as I continue my look at Destiny! I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the typical Destiny grind and the amount of time it can consume. Over the past month I’ve been doing a few trial-and-error exercises to help maximize my time in game so I can keep my attention focused elsewhere and still manage to get in my daily Destiny grind! Without any further delay, let us get started!

destiny time savers41.) Do the Nightfall strike as soon as the week turns over! That’s right folks, mark every Tuesday on your calendar and grab a fire team. The Nightfall strike, aside from having a chance to drop exotics and legendary will upon completion give your guardian a buff for an extra 20% gain to any reputation and experience, making those grinds for exotic armor and weapons a bit easier right at the start of the week! Plus, with a little luck and faith in RNGesus, you’ll be working on a fresh exotic right out of the gate!

2.) Do your bounties, every day! The bounties offered by the vanguard, crucible, and Eris are the most effective way to earn mass amounts of experience in the shortest amount of time! With the Nightfall buff in tow, each reward yields an extra 20% towards whatever weapons or armor need upgrading. Stay tuned to future posts, as I’ll be looking at how to complete each bounty the fastest! No sense in taking too much time for something simple.

3.) Grab your coins for Xur! Those weekly strikes give you a guaranteed 9 strange coins on top of some extra engrams or materials on level 30. If  you have 3 guardians able to complete the task then you have an easy 27 coins per week to splurge on whatever Xur happens to bring (as long as those damn sun breakers don’t keep showing up!) If the weapons, upgrades, or armor he sells in a given week aren’t something you need, then that brings me right to my next point…

destiny time savers3

“Where the F*** is a bounty that isn’t a scouting mission!?!?”


4.) Buy Telemetries! Ya know those seemingly useless things Xur sells that aren’t ammo synthesis or rare sparrow upgrades? Those little babies make leveling up your exotic weapons all the more simple! Grab a bunch the next time Xur has them for a weapon type you own. Once consumed, you have a half-hour long buff that increases experience gain for those particular weapon types. Save your bounties to be turned in all at once and dump them all into your weapon of choice and you’ll be leveled in no time. Pass that weapon around for each guardian and enjoy!

5.) Be picky about your raid groups! Size up your potential teams for Vault of Glass and Crota’s End! There’s no shame in being extremely selective, you want the best possible candidates in your fire team to maximize effectiveness and cooperation. Screen people for certain weapons, level, class, and anything else up to your preference. Want a team of full Gjallarhorns? Good for you! No players that sound like squeakers? Bless your soul and join the club! All warlocks? This is the internet, enjoy yourself! If you want the job done right, you need the right team for the job. Maximizing your team choices leads to a more effective run, helping you and your team through the raids much more quickly! Choose wisely guardians…

destiny time savers2

“Who in the tower has a maxed out Ice Breaker…”

6.) Play for the team! I really hope this goes without saying, but if you and your team cooperate then you’ll be more effective and efficient. Establish a leader, usually a player with more experience in the particular raid and follow their lead. It may not always be yourself, but you have to learn to accept you’re not the best player in the game. The designated leader may not be the best either, but experience is everything in these raids. Knowing every nook and cranny of the raid is invaluable to your team. Sharing that knowledge helps everyone become more efficient. Focus fire, grab your objectives, and steam roll to victory!

7.) Show off in your free time! So you’ve completed the raid on all difficulties on all characters, all Nightfalls, and all Weekly strikes. Now what? Show off in the team strike playlists of course! Bring your biggest and baddest pieces of hardware to blow through those lowly level 24 (or 26 for those with the DLC) minions of darkness! Clear rooms with a fully upgraded Gjallarhorn, never reload with a maxed out Bad Juju, or become the guy the rest of the team wonders why even bothered to show up by whipping out your all-powerful No Land Beyond! Because after all, Destiny is all about the loot so why not strut your stuff a little?

destiny time savers1

What do you bring to the table?

Well folks, I hope these little bits of info make the Destiny grind a little less tedious. I know I’m tried of trying to kill 3 enemies with my super 20 times, and I’ve been working on solutions for these “annoying” types of bounties. Next week I’ll bring you a FULL list on all bounties and the quickest ways I’ve found to complete them. Do some research on your own and we can compare notes! You might even find a faster way than I could. Happy hunting Guardians, Mr. Prueitt signing off!

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