RagTag Riot’s top 10 unconventional weapons in video games!

Top 10 unconventional 10

Starting off our list is (almost) the most annoying item from the Mario Kart series, the dreaded heat-seeking red shell!

Top 10 unconventional 9

Coming in at number 9 on our countdown is the exploding flail that the Mauler wields in the Gears of War franchise! How the hell do those things keep reloading after they swing and explode?

Top 10 unconventional 8

In at number 8 is Rayman who prefers to let his hands do the talking…! (I’m sorry, that hurt to say.) With no limbs to hold him back, Rayman throws his fists at enemies but in a pinch, can also double as a handy grappling hook and rope swing!

Top 10 unconventional 7

When you wish upon a star, Italian plumbers will go far with our number 7 pick! The Starman from Mario gives invincibility! Why? Well… we aren’t really sure, but hard to argue when you can plow through consecutive enemies for some sweet 1up action!

Top 10 unconventional 6

Got Zombies? No problem, the mystery box has you covered! Blasting through hordes of zombies into our number 6 spot is the ray gun from the Call of Duty series zombie mode!

Top 10 unconventional 5

Why beat someone with a bat when you can do it with a phallic wobbly justice stick? Sliding into our number 5 spot is the iconic Penetrator dildo bat from the ever-hilarious Saints Row the Third!

Top 10 unconventional 4

Yes. That is piss in a jar. And the sniper from Team Fortress 2 holds no guilt about breaking a bottle open on your face. Disgustingly taking the number 4 spot in our countdown is the Jarate secondary weapon for the sniper!

Top 10 unconventional 3

Put down this weapon now for the sake of your sanity. Taking the number 3 spot is the “Bane” weapon from Borderlands 2. This weapon is cursed for a reason, and all veteran players know the second you pull the trigger on this weapon, you’d wish you never found it in the first place.

Top 10 unconventional 2

Number 2 on our countdown comes to this lovable little grandma from the Worms franchise! Why throw grenades or fire bazookas when you can simply send adorable old granny their way? Did we mention granny emits toxic gas as she walks and explodes into a fiery blast after 5 seconds? No? Well… have granny stay off the Mexican food for a few days.

Top 10 unconventional 1

Coming in at our number 1 spot is the Epic Fetus from the Binding of Isaac series! The game is home to many strange power ups and weapons, but this little dapper gent in a jar holds the strangest spot of all. Upon collecting said Epic Fetus, the main character Isaac gains access to calling down airstrikes on enemies instead of throwing his tears! Quite a step up, old sport!



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