RagTag gone Retro! Top 5 N64 Games!

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This week, we pay tribute to one of the best (and most durable) consoles from the past, the glorious 64-bit wonder that is the Nintendo 64!

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Fantastic number Five!

Pokemon Stadium starts off our countdown! Few things within my childhood experience even came close to seeing pokemon that I had caught and trained on my gameboy Pokemon Yellow version come to live in 3D models and duke it out with countless other Pokemon! Earning badges in competitions and making your own pre-made teams from pokemon you had trained on the gameboy blew my mind at the time. Attacks were animated splendidly (for the time) and really made you feel like you were throwing these super-powered animals head to head! Yay for digital animal violence!

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Furious number Four!

Flying into our number four spot is none other than Mario Kart 64! Racing can be a hell of a time in video games, but when you plug in 3 other controllers and do the 4 man races, put your friendships aside and whip out the red shells! The classic Nintendo line-up was present and ready to put the pedal to the metal to compete for that first place spot!

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“Caution: road may have banana peels, stars, lighting, and heat-seeking shells”

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Who the hell designed this village for kids?

Taking the number three spot is none other than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Free roam, a gigantic map, crazy creatures, tons of weapons and tools, and challenging boss fights made this game a hell of a ride. The long running series even survives today with the latest installment of Hyrule Warriors, taking the game off the traditional beaten path and seeing characters from the game performing feats that are admittedly not so common.

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Best. Commerical. Ever.

Throwing it down at our number two spot on the countdown is none other than Super Smash Bros! Nintendo’s finest came together on multiple battlefields to prove who was the strongest fighter, and by god we couldn’t have been happier with the gift we received. Whether you were the guy who played fox like a try-hard or loved Ness just for the insanely annoying “OKAY!” taunt, it was impossible not to have fun at this game. Four man free-for-all brawls keeps the game a ton of fun at parties today, while also having given birth to professional players and successive titles. FALCON! PAWWWWUNNNCH!

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The name’s Bond…

Standing tall at our number one spot on this countdown is the legendary GoldenEye 007! The first person shooter paved the way to multiplayer first-person shooters on console we have today such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, not to take away from the success or fun from the Doom or Wolfenstien games, or even Perfect Dark.





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