Quickfire! Deponia Doomsday!

Greetings Nation! Mr. Prueitt here, and today we’ll be doing a quickfire review for Deponia Doomsday.

This point and click adventure game starts with a time lapse of a growing development known as Deponia. Civilization progressed to the point of space travel and they launched an ark, Elysium. The planet below (from what I understand) succumbed to pollution and nuclear winter, while the thriving arc became a new home for the previously inhabitants of Deponia. The game is actually the fourth in a series of which I have not played. For some reason, I remember the opening of this game being part of a flash game on armorgames.com years ago, but I completely accept the possibility of being wrong.


The voice acting for the game is top-notch. My only regret entering this series is I have no knowledge of prior events from the other games. Some plot holes may be fixed by checking out those earlier entries.The artwork for the game borderlines on a very cartoon style, but still uses bright colors on characters which make them pop against their rather dark environment.


As far as gameplay and story go this game is quite cut and dry. Collect items, progress through puzzles and walk through the story. If you’re a fan of past games like The Monkey Island series, then definitely pick up Deponia Doomsday.



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