Quickfire! Broforce!

Nation, do you have a burning love for 80’s action movies? Have you ever wanted to take on an entire terrorist organization single handily? Have you ever wanted to kill your friends “accidentally” while leaving behind smoldering craters and bodies? Does the thought of being a pixelated Rambo stimulate you sexually?


Nostalgia reigns supreme!

If that last point is true I’d highly advise therapy but if any of the others ring true then Broforce might be for you! In this sidescroller pixelated shooter, you control one of a multitude of action movie inspired characters as you shoot, rappel, grenade, explode, flex, and punch your way through levels while fighting to clear out terrorist groups from each new area. Occasionally boss enemies appear and can be killed by either using the environment to your advantage or gunning them down. Machete, Judge Dredd, and the Boondock Saints are paid homage in this 80’s action game pixel tribute!


Run and gun!

Overall Broforce is a great time killer and can be a ton of fun with the co-op mode. Accidentally killing team mates and having a simple respawn system makes the game a quick blast. Each bro has a different special skill that can be used to quickly power through hordes of enemies or increase your survivability since your character does die in one hit. Different attack styles are attributed to each bro, while every bro comes with strengths and weaknesses. New bros are added to your character rotation by freeing different numbers of imprisoned bros from bamboo cages. Personally, I’m a fan of the terminator bro, as his grenade ability turns you into the T-800 armored exoskeleton making you temporarily bulletproof and able to lay down some heavy fire with the chaingun.

I give this game a well-earned A+ for replayability and co-op inclusion.


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