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Is Prophour23 Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest?

How is it going Nation? Messy here with another tablet gone PC game review. Let’s start off with the right foot forward on this one. Prophour23 is a defense style game with a really amazing aesthetic of a parchment background and everything else made to look like ink. Instead of normal towers, you try to protect a body and use different organs as tools to help you collect resources and defend your brain. As I said before, this game is also made on the tablet and the controls seem like they make perfect sense for the translation between the two. The overall concept of the game was outstanding and everything looked and felt very positive to start. What came later however, was an entirely different animal.

Onto the first playthrough. My first reaction was “Psh, who needs the tutorial?” I was very sadly mistaken after 2 minutes of random clicking and a swift death for myself. Fast forward 20 minutes, new game started (now with 100% more “how to play game knowledge”) and after 5 minutes a slightly less swift death. The game falls short with a frustratingly steep learning curve and a less than ideal tutorial. There is no ramping up of difficultly, just murder your face mode. This was incredibly irritating and made me not want to continue, but suddenly I was filled with determination, and some alcoholic beverages and managed to get through one “day cycle” only to die shortly thereafter. I ended up playing for about 45 minutes before getting overwhelming upset and had to stop.

TL;DR This is definitely one of the hardest defense games I’ve ever played, but not a horrible game. The tutorial was lacking with specifics of how the different organs worked, coupled with a 0-kill speed of stupid fast, makes this game not for everyone.

This is what failure looks like, you will know it well.

This is what failure looks like, you will know it well.

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