Prime World: Defenders! Quick Fire!


Ragtag Nation,
Mr. Prueitt here to review Prime World:Defenders!
Fan of Tower Defense games? Then you might enjoy PW:D. The game is single player and works slightly differently than your standard tower defense. The game gives you a “daily login” type bonus that gives you cards, which in turn give you different types of towers. In-game currency, gold stars and silver pieces, are used to buy boosters (no microtransactions!) which can give the player new types of towers. Magical spells and artifacts are also used to bolster your defenses. The player can also evolve similar towers to “upgrade” them or fusing multiple cards to get a possibly new tower, but the process also requires silver.

Overall I felt as though this game would be better on the mobile. Tower Defenses usually feel like a time-sink in my honest opinion. If you are a die hard Tower Defense fan, then give it a whirl!


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