Pluderin’ with Pirate Pop Plus

Ahoy, there matey, Messy here to sail the seven seas (or in this case 4-bit graphic box) of Pirate Pop Plus. It’s a neat casual arcade style game available for the PC. Pirate Pop Plus really does give the feel of an old-school game much like Mr. Game and Watch.



The plot for this game really is simple, to say the least. You are Pete Jr, and you need to stop Bubble Pirate from putting your village into bubbles. Armed with your trusty anchor and chain shot (totally not the hook shot since there was no water temple) you pop his bubbles and buy back your village friends.

You are trapped in a box, and being assaulted by bubbles from some floating pirate scourge. You must pop those bubbles like your life depends on it. I’m not sure what Bubble Pirate is putting in his bubbles, but they surely hurt. During the game, you collect some booty and can use it to change the buttons, faceplate, and backlight to the game to make it feel like you are playing on a 90’s era portable game. So, pop bubbles, collect goodies, get new customizations for your gamepad that is integrated into the graphics for the game. Simple concept, entertaining for sure.


While this game has a simple concept and an overall enjoyable gameplay, I never really found myself wanting to come back for a session longer than 15 to 20 minutes long. The customization of the gamepad is a nice effect, but there are no volume adjustments that I could find so the 8-bit music that started with the game was literally painful while I was wearing headphones. Most likely this will fall under the category of “games I play while I wait for food.”

Messy’s Grade: B-


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