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If you don’t know who the heck is writing this, ya best get used to my voice (sort of) on this site more often (as well as at https://thegunnrange.com/ for the latest in movie news) because I have to drop a bomb on what was becoming one of my most enjoyed film genres over the last ten years and that is the genre of superhero films. We see the ads, we quote the films, and we know their symbols, but with the popularity of these movies growing like Hollywood’s version of fair goldfish, we can’t seem to stop them from growing bigger and bigger.

There’s this term that seems to float around superhero movies known as “superhero fatigue”, but when I hear that I immediately think of Chris Pratt making a funny comment in Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, I am no fool when it comes to movies and I know a less than stellar film when I see one. Recently, we were given a spectacular film in Deadpool and a really fun Avengers 2.5 with Captain America: Civil War, but what may be happening with the other films is something that concerns me, it’s the size of the film itself.

All of a sudden, studios feel it’s necessary to throw hundreds of millions of dollars on these movies and they don’t often pan out critically or financially as they’d hope. We love our superhero movies and I’d hate for them to begin to fizzle out like some trend – like every hater wants them to be – because that’s not what film genres should be. What needs to happen is a step back approach to make these films and it begins and ends with humbling the studios and film makers. Putting a leash on a film maker is not always as negative as it sounds and when the leash allows freedom, but not lack of control then the results often speak for themselves in the long run. I think of films like the aforementioned Deadpool as well as Kingsmen: The Secret Service as films that were given limited budgets, but artistic freedom to become what they were and guess what, they were hits.

My advice to studios, start shrinking the productions rather than over inflating them or we are going to keep receiving convoluted crap that is getting fans sick of your genre. We want great films so why not just focus on making great films? We don’t always need things to connect to the next thing and sometimes we just like films being self sustained and contained in their own respective universes. Is that too much to ask or do you RagTaggers more or less agree?

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