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The Basic Boo

Have you ever wanted to be on the other side of a horror movie? I don’t watch them, mostly cause when I pee a little bit when I’m scared, but maybe you’ve always wanted to be the ruler of beings from another dimension. Dare I say, Ghost Master? This game can be described in one sentence. Scare everyone. That doesn’t mean this is poorly made video game. In fact, this is a fun game that I will find myself playing more and more over the next few weeks. The tutorial gives you a really good rundown of exactly how you are meant to complete your goals, and some freedom to choose who you want to bring with you. Each of the ghost have different abilities, as well as limited to an area or type of item.

When you get to an area, there are some nasty humans there that you need to scare away. The humans have three bars terror, madness, and belief. The ghosts have to scare, haunt, or otherwise perturb the humans in order to get them so scared they either go bonkers, or just board the nope train out of that place. I didn’t see many issues that would bother me entirely, other than RNGsus dictating where people run to after ghosts scare them. If I am being honest, I don’t see that as a real issue since it is part of what makes the game enjoyable.

TL;DR Ghost Masters is an incredibly enjoyable game with enough strategy to keep you entertained. The number of ghosts mean you can play each level the way you want, with some variability.

Now I have a reason to be scared of the bathroom.

Now I have a reason to be scared of the bathroom.

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