Fun TV Show Drinking Game Ideas


This is one of my favorites… Cut out pieces of black paper in the shape of epic mustaches and tape them to the TV. Any time they line up…DRINK! Plus, you can pause the show and share the pics with your friends.

tv-drinking-game-rtr-1 tv-drinking-game-rtr-2 tv-drinking-game-rtr-3 tv-drinking-game-rtr-4 tv-drinking-game-rtr-5 tv-drinking-game-rtr-6 tv-drinking-game-rtr-7 tv-drinking-game-rtr-9 tv-drinking-game-rtr-10 tv-drinking-game-rtr-11 tv-drinking-game-rtr-12Please remember to drink responsibly when playing any of these fun TV show drinking games!

Thanx! ~Team Ragtag~


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