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Frozen Synapse Prime: Hot or Cold?

What is going on Nation? Messy here for your preview into some video games. I had the pleasure of playing Frozen Synapse Prime the other day, and I am not entirely sure how to feel about it. The game is a sci-fi shooter, so it immediately get’s an artificial boost for me, but let’s start with the ups, then move on into the downs.

Digital 1’s and 0’s

Before playing this for the first time, I had no idea other than to expect a turn-based shooter. A good comparison would be a game like Door Kickers. Frozen Synapse Prime makes you think ahead when you’re moving people around so the only heads getting popped are the enemies. Stances, movement, and different tactics can be used to shift focus on speed, accuracy, etc. All of these makes me feel like I’m General Robot Patton getting ready to kill some Robo-Nazi’s. The story kept me interested and the game play is satisfying to make me involved in the game, not whatever else was going on around me.

Now let’s take a step back and talk about the downsides. The story and game play were engaging, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything terribly new and exciting. This takes away from the best part of sci-fi game, you can do anything with some science talk.  Also, the controls for this game feels like it would definitely benefit from being on a touch screen over using a keyboard and mouse.

TL;DR: When all is said and done, Frozen Synapse Prime is not a horrible game, and if you can find it for the right price, pick it up. I wouldn’t recommend getting it at anything less than 50%

Queuing up skills, like a beast.

Queuing up movements, like a beast.

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