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Hello Ragtag Nation! Ben reporting in, and I’m happier than ever to be back! I took a bit of a hiatus to get my life set up after graduating college, and now I’ll be posting far more regularly! So without further ado, let’s get started talking about The Taken King ‘DLC’ for Destiny.

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I never like to start out a review with speculation and negativity. With that being said, I’m excited for what is being shown in clips released by Bungie and what data miners have uncovered in the past few weeks since the announcement of the DLC. House of Wolves has been great so far and admittedly fixed some issues with the game relating to how quickly fantastic weapons lose their effectiveness in the PvE realm of Destiny. The introduction of Etheric Light allowed players to not only max out new gear to the highest light and damage levels, but bring back weapons from the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End in full fighting glory!

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The new sub-classes for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter look fantastic! As a Titan, I always felt that the Fists of Havoc were very satisfying to wipe away entire groups of enemies. The new titan subclass “Sunbreaker” adds a new level of aggression to the Titan’s kit, turning your guardian into a fiery version of the god of thunder, Thor. The Warlock channels his inner lord Palpatine to fire bursts of lightning from his hands, mopping up weak enemies and allowing for ease of crowd control. The Hunter earns more of a support role with the void bow, allowing enemies to be anchored to the ground and blinded by the single penetrating round. I’m excited for the kits to change how each guardian can be played. Normally, I run defender to help keep my team alive with the bubble, but now I can experiment with the Blade dancer-like system of the Sunbreaker.

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Suros seems to be getting some bigger involvement with this DLC as well, which leads me to make one or two speculations about weapons manufacturers in the Destiny universe. Personally, I’d love to see a weapon system with some sort of similarity to that of the first Borderlands game where each weapon manufacturer had different traits to their weapons. If this rocket turns out anything like the Suros Regime in the early days of Destiny, then we’re in for a cakewalk.

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The new enemies look like quite a challenge from the trailer. Oryx is pissed we killed his son Crota, which is totally understandable. But, in our defense, Crota shouldn’t have taken our moon. Either way, Bungie has put a spin on new and old enemies alike to make them more challenging which sound like us guardians are in for a fun time!

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All in all I’m excited for the DLC. I’ve been fortunate enough to find some fantastic players that genuinely enjoy the game. We know the game is far from perfect. We know the RNG loot drops are bastards. We know people still play this game. We understand the hate Bungie receives day in and day out. But for all that hate, Bungie has been listening to the community. They have been communicating with the players, and for that we’ve been thankful. We’re all part of this huge gaming journey and ambitious project. The teams I’ve put together have beaten everything this game has had to throw at us so far. In reality, I’m hoping for a huge spike in difficulty with this coming DLC.

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And here, I’ll end on what has really created a buzz within the Destiny universe. Through random matchmaking I’ve talked with countless random fireteams since the announcement of The Taken King. Most, if not all of the fireteams, have talked about feeling angry about the pricetag of the legendary edition of Destiny, pictured above. There has been little love for the day 1 adopters, as nothing special has been announced at this time.

I hate to speculate. As of now everything I have talked about is subject to change. Nothing is set in stone until launch so until then good luck and happy hunting, guardians!

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