Back in the 90’s with Hotline Miami 2

Oh, hello Nation. I just want to preface this review with a note. If you don’t know anything about Hotline Miami 2, be warned this game is just a bit gory.

These faces give me nightmares.

You will see these awesome faces often, but they scare me.

The actual plot of this game is a little complicated, and it follows immediately after the prequel, Hotline Miami. Since this is the conclusion to the series,it ties up some loose ends from the first game.The graphics are very pixelated, and it reminds me of an old school  twin stick shooter, with more blood and gore. Also, the developers made another game with

an outstanding soundtrack and if you don’t like the game, you should enjoy the background music. You play as a reporter, mass murderer, movie actor and you kill people. You kill all the people.

Hotline Miami 2 Police

I swear it wasn’t me, they were like this when I got here.

At the beginning of almost every level arrive outside a building and you have to make a choice. If I was a serial killer, how would I massacre this building? Personally, I prefer to ninja in and leave no trace of my presence. Since people are inherently squishy, in this game and real life, trying to be sneaky seems like the best option. Sneaky does not seem to be my strength, so I end up going sanic fast and shoot everything.  One shot will pretty almost always kill you, and this is the same for melee weapons. The only issue I came across with the game was that enemies can see and shoot at you before you can even see them. Hotline Miami is a difficult series to play, and I came prepared.

I played the first game a while ago, and this game hit all the right buttons with me, as it rightfully should have. The success of finishing a level counters the frustration of failing…a lot. The story will pull you in, and keep you wanting to push through each level to figure out the story and if nothing else, you get an amazing soundtrack to go along with the infuriating rage.

Messy Grade: A-


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