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Greetings Ragtag Nation! I’ve been gone for far too long! After adjusting to a new job and moving to Maryland I’ll be getting back in the saddle for some gaming reviews. So without any more delay, if you don’t mind I’d like to hop right into it. Doom 2016.

Space demons have always held a special place in my heart. What better way to explain the grand wonder that mankind feels towards the great unknown? Why, throwing in horrifying and unyielding brutal legions of hell of course! Doom has always been special to me. Growing up, my older cousin would play the game religiously and I couldn’t help but be sucked into the intense gore and fast gunplay. At the time I had no clue what was fully going on, but I could just shut my brain off and take in the sensory assault that was Doom. Shifting backgrounds and bloody death animations assaulted my young senses, and immediately I was a fan for life.

OG DOOM gore

OG DOOM gore

The current release of Doom has been out for some time now and, initially, I was skeptical back when the game was first announced. Reboots have a bad habit, in my opinion, of bastardizing entire series just for the sake of monetary gain. As I dug into some early rumors, I saw Bethesda was taking the reins and breathed a slight sigh of relief. Always the optimist, I held true to my belief that the company would do the classic FPS (first person shooter) justice. Praised be Bethesda, as they have delivered a near-perfect tribute to the OG (original generation) Doom.



*I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. The review is based off the first three missions.*

Graphically Doom knocks it out of the park. The game offers a beautiful and smooth presentation coupled with extremely fluid movement and gunplay. Hits feel fair, and the lack of radar keeps the player on their toes. The game rewards extreme situational awareness, allowing the player to manipulate enemy movement into explosive scenery and successfully kite large packs of enemies to maximize use of ammo. Personally I haven’t experienced any frame rate issues, even with large amounts of enemies on screen and explosions (Xbox one platform). The soundtrack is also completely amazing. Driving industrial beats unleash a rush of adrenaline as you are quickly surrounded by the legions of hell.

Amazing lighting and graphics mesmerize your senses.

Amazing lighting and graphics mesmerize your senses.

So far, I’ve had access to the shotgun, pistol, heavy assault rifle, and the chainsaw. Weapons each have their own handling characteristics that make them ideal for different situations. Recoil is present, but manageable. Weapons like the shotgun have the expected effective range that would be associated to that particular firearm. The heavy assault rifle is a beast for popping headshots at a distance, while the shotgun is a virtual janitor of hell at short to point blank range. The weapon modifiers, such as the triple shot and explosive shot for the shotgun, allow a deeper level of gameplay not present in the original Doom. The unlocks can completely be tailored to a player’s personal playstyle, allowing upgrades of charge times, rounds per shot, and damage spread for example. The ability to swap weapon mods on the fly is extremely helpful in tight situations, allowing the gamer to make quick decisions on the best course of action. Glory Kills also change up pacing of fights, as the executions can be used to grant a few precious seconds of invulnerability. Precious health, armor and ammo are also earned on these kills.

Click to show Glory Kill gif

Click to show Glory Kill gif

Upgrades are available for Doom Guy, allowing you to augment your item radar, max ammo capacity, health, and other traits. This new system shows a bit of a modernization while also rewarding exploration. Points are awarded for finding dead Elite Guards and using their hardware to boost your own. Overall the upgrades are useful but do not make your character overpowered. Modifiers are also present in the game that can change how the entire game functions. Power-ups are also present that can grant super strength or super speed.


                 Multiplayer for this installment of Doom feels a bit sluggish. Old fans of Quake and Unreal Tournament may also feel the same way. The entire pacing of multiplayer matches feels a tad on the slow side. Movement is no longer the floaty ice-rink style sliding, but rather your marine feels rooted and heavy. Gunplay in multiplayer still feels crisp and rewarding, and the teleport grenades offer for some mind blowing and disorienting plays. The demon form is meant to be overpowered, but any player that can play passively can make excellent use of the rockets that are essentially a one hit kill until the power-up is transferred to the other team. Glory kills can still be performed in the multiplayer field, but the activation ranges feel a bit long. I, personally, have had players teleport a few feet forward and snap my neck. I don’t put these issues necessarily on the game, as it could simply be a connection issue.

Multiplayer customization adds a little hint of your own terrible fashion sense to your Doom Guy.

Multiplayer customization adds a little hint of your own terrible fashion sense to your Doom Guy.


Buy this game. Now. Go out, forget whatever you were doing. Don’t have the money? Dip into your kid’s college fund. They won’t know. You’re still the cool parent that plays Doom. Hardcore loyalists of the game will be happy with the single player. Satisfying kills and movement coupled with the intense soundtrack make for a truly amazing gaming experience. The hype the game has received has been earned one hundred times over. Bethesda has given us a beautiful revival and not fallen into the Duke Nukem syndrome, where we waited over a decade for a polished turd. Doom will satisfy that primal urge to slay, while at the same time giving the same gratification felt by some hardcore loyalists to Dark Souls. Enemy encounters get progressively more difficult throughout the game. Death, while frustrating, is completely fair. Ghouls may surround you, laser blasts may catch your backside, or you might simply need to git gud. The overwhelming satisfaction from completing a difficult encounter makes the gamer hungry for the next challenge and whatever may lie ahead. I urge you to try it for yourself and above all else…


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